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Generational Wealth Planning

Working Toward a Confident Financial Future With Generational Wealth Planning

When you have accumulated significant assets such as real estate properties, cash, a family business or various securities and investments, you want to pass your wealth on to future generations. Generational wealth planning with Frederick Wells Advisors helps you develop a wealth management plan that can benefit family members for many generations.

What Is Generational Wealth?

Children often receive an inheritance when their parents pass away. Any assets that are passed down from one generation to another are considered generational wealth. This includes:

  • Business Contacts 
  • Cash
  • Real Estate Properties
  • Investments
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Why Is It Important To Plan for Generational Wealth?

Many states require children to pay significant taxes on inheritances they receive. With careful planning, you can avoid many of these taxes so your kids receive all of your assets rather than just a portion. Careful planning can help the money last for many years and benefits numerous future generations.

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Preparation is key for helping the distribution of your assets according to your wishes after your passing. Frederick Wells Advisors has a team of provessionals who can assist you with generational wealth planning that benefits your family members for years to come. Contact us today at (412) 528-1927 to start planning for your family's financial future.

Frederick Wells Advisors and LPL Financial do not offer legal advice or services. Please see a qualified estate attorney to discuss your specific situation.

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